Monday, April 09, 2012

Stay Christy, Stay! (v2.0)


I think I get it now.

The fine folks behind the curtain don't want the things the (not)Premier says in front of assembled pseudo-throngs of party still kinda/sorta faithful to be reported in the public prints.


Well, apparently, they want to make sure that the screeching of the surrogates is heard by all.

How else to explain the caterwauling of Ms. Always Campaigning on the CBC with Quinn The Eskimo* this morning?

And the message from Ms. Anton to the people of British Columbia, especially those voters who are thinking of jumping ship so that they can land in the Cradle of the Curmudgeon (and/or the not quite realized yet 'Wild Dogwood Party')?

Wait for it....

"Never mind all those bothersome polls. Christy will win because she is really....

....Dalton McGuinty!"


Pure genius.

*Which is why I was listening - I always sneak a non-100.5 peek on holiday Mondays and/or after a big hockey game on the off (i.e. certain) chance that the Cluffmaster will not be there...Speaking of the latter, I happened to be talking to somebody who works for the Mothercorp on the weekend (in a very, very different division) and Mr. Cluff's name came up...Apparently, it doesn't matter that he can't conduct a serious (ie. non-sports) interview without a teletype roll full of questions longer than the 'On The Road' scrolls, or that he doesn't actually know anything about Vancouver because, Hey!, he's Number One in his time slot...Two things about that....First, beating PTill like a gong is hard?...Heckfire, I'm pretty sure they could roll the original PromoGirl out there every morning and double their numbers immediately....Second, there is that line from that wee little Hammersmith Palais song by Jones'NStrummer about 'sending a limousine anyway' for absolutely anybody as long as they were in first -Is that really what the public broadcaster and its duty to inform is all about?....


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