Thursday, April 19, 2012

For Those Who Will Be Wanting To Trash Mr. Cummins Tomorrow...


Do not forget what the ol' Curmudgeon said on April 15th.

April 15th, 2011 that is.

The G. Straight's Stephen Thomson had the story at the time:

John Cummins has ruled out running against Christy Clark in the Vancouver-Point Grey byelection.

“I certainly don’t have any intention of running in the riding,” said Cummins, a former Tory MP who is expected to officially become leader of the B.C. Conservative Party in late May.

He said Clark, as Liberal leader, should have a seat in the legislature.

“Given the fact that it seems like there’s going to be a fall election I don’t have a problem with allowing her an easy run into the House right now and we’ll square off in the fall election,” he told the Straight....

And just how much did the (not)Premier win that May 11th, 2011 Pt. Grey Bye-Bye by again?


And what percentage of the vote did the original StealthCon candidate, Deborah Meredith, garner out there in far outer CremeVille just nine days before in the Fed-General????



If you ask me (and reader GrantG), it really does looks like Ms. Clark owes Mr. Cummins her seat in the legislature.




Anonymous said...

What is the difference between, Harper's so called Conservatives? The so called, Campbell/Clark BC Liberals? And, the so called BC Conservatives? They are all, one and the same party. All of them are of, Harper's Reformers, in his Northern Foundation Party from 1989. The skinheads organized Harper's crap party for him. Welcome to Fascist Dictatorship Canada.

Have people noticed, in many of Harper's photo ops, his hand is raised in the Nazi salute? I was told to Google: Heil Harper, and it is true. Harper gives the Nazi salute.

As far as Christy or Cummin's, it doesn't matter who wins, all of them work for Harper. They all have interchangeable parts. All of them lie, are corrupt, thieve, some are criminals, and they cheat to win.

Harper most certainly committed election fraud and is responsible for the robo-calls. Well over half of Canadians, did not want Harper as P.M....he knew it, so he cheated.

RossK said...


Fair enough.

But it does matter who loses.

And, in my opinion, the longer the (not)Premier hangs on by her fingernails, the better chance we, the people of BC, have of seeing all the folks you mentioned above, lose in the next general election.