Monday, April 09, 2012

The Great F-35 Swindle...Perspective Is Everything.


And, as Charlie Smith makes clear, even if the $25 billion is not a low ball (which I am convinced, based on AG Ferguson's own words, that it is), the overrun is already bigger than everything.


And did you notice that Airshow Pete was wearing the wire-rimmed glasses today....It's his 'smart' look, I guess...Don't know about you all, but I feel much more reassured now.



lenin's ghost said...

lol......I was watching the mothercorp news and commented to my signif other that wee petey was trying to look intelligent with the specs.......petey always reminds me of the whiney spoiled little kid that would always cry if he didn't get his way.....never saw anyone look so out of place with a shovel in his hand! bwahaha!

RossK said...

Or a joystick....

In his hands, I mean.