Thursday, April 05, 2012

A White-Haired Shade Of Pale


Joan Bryden, of the Canadian Press, zooms in on the present day Bob Rae:

The (recently-released) Harris-Decima survey conducted for The Canadian Press indicates the New Democrats surged into a statistical tie with the Conservatives, with the parties at 32 and 34 per cent support respectively.

The NDP boost came almost entirely at the expense of the Liberals, who slipped back to 19 per cent – the same all-time low they received in last May's election when the self-styled natural governing party was reduced to a third-party rump.

Mr. Rae, the Interim Liberal Leader, kicked off a round of personal barbs Wednesday, equating Mr. Mulcair's combative, ultra-partisan style to that of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He dubbed the Opposition Leader “mini-Harper.”...


Don't like what Mulcair has to say?


Take umbrage with that.

But to compare him with Mr. Harper because he is beating you and yours like a gong Mr. Rae?


That really is beyond the pale.




G West said...

Bob Rae's problem, of course, is that the universe has changed. No longer is he front and centre, the Liberals are now in the position the NDP were in during the leadership campaign...being led by a stand-in while the party looks for a new leader.

Rae can't even get the party to accept that he's anything other than an interim leader and - now that the NDP has come together behind a younger, more bilingual and, frankly, smarter guy I think he needs to get used to the 'new' normal.

Danneau said...

The Liberals ceased to matter in any real way when they ditched their promises from the Red Book in 1993 and because, essentially, part of the amorphous mass that governs in the interest of those most closely associated with the Canadian Council of Chief Executive Officers.

Rae's willingness to associate himself with this crowd fits him neatly into the turncoat lack of principle bin, thereby disqualifying him from the embrace of the Canadian body politic. It would be nice if he even appeared to stand for something other than getting elected.

Whiter Share of Pale! Love this and much of what followed, including a gold vein followed by Robin Trower, loud and spacey, but definitely gets a visit once in awhile when the house in empty and the volume not an issue. "Don't eat green meat, it ain't good for you..."

RossK said...

GW and Danneau--

It's not that I don't think Mr. Rae wants to do the right thing...It's just that every once in awhile it seems like he wakes up on the expediency side of the bed and heads back to square one on the board.