Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stay Christy, Stay!...Ready, Fire, Aim (Badly).


From Charmaine de Silva's report at CKNW late yesterday...


Premier Christy Clark says her heart is with municipalities now saddled with the cost of surprise RCMP wage increases....


..."This decision, I understand, was made days before the new contract was signed, or shortly before the new contract was signed, and that can never happen again ...


....Clark says she hasn't spoken to Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews...


...But B.C. Justice Minister Shirley Bond has (spoken to Minister Toews) and says she isn't happy about this surprise.

Maybe, just maybe, if the barn door was bigger than Mount Robson Ms. Bond just might hit something, and make it stick...Then again, maybe not (almost certainly)...
Oh, and check out the comments attached to the post linked-too, above...And when you do, do not forget that this is CKNW readers/listeners we're talking about here...The tide really has turned...


Anonymous said...

Christy sounds just like Harper. He didn't know how much, the F-35 jets were costing either.

Well, that's Christy's best role too, playing dumb. No money for our teachers, but, plenty of money to give the RCMP a raise. A police force, we didn't even want, as an icon for Canada. The terrible crimes the RCMP commit, are just as horrendous as the people they rest, and sometimes even worse.

Harper and Christy need the RCMP very badly, for when they force the Enbridge pipeline onto BC.

Boris said...

Hmm, so when when local governments side with their constituents/protesters and try to block the NGP after Harper-Clark forces it, they'll also be paying more for the local RCMP to arrest them? Where will dear premiers heart be then?

North Van's Grumps said...

The Problem that I see is all those settled Government Employees collective agreements, 120, whereby they have a clause that basically says if one Union settles for anything HIGHER than NET ZERO, we get the same deal!

As soon as Shirley Bond signed on the dotted line that she was in agreement with the RCMP deal for 20 years, she also signed on for a 5.25 per cent INCREASE!!!!!

The title of my Post today sounds like its all about Jago and Abbott, but in fact, its really all who has been writing their own Ticket to settle the RCMP dispute. Maybe its time to do a rewrite back at my blog.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

5.25% or bust! Given the slowness of our courts, a relatively hefty pay rise for everybody our province employs may just become a parting gift from Ms. Was-It-Before-Or-After? to the next Premier of our side-swiped-by-the-feds-yet-again province.

RossK said...



I'm not so sure....

Unlike the (not)Premier, I'm pretty sure the (maybenot)PM knows the cost everything.

I would agree, however, that neither knows the value of most things that matter


As we have already seen, it is entirely possible that be alternating current with a pretty darned high frequency.



Re-write everything.

(see response to Boris above)


Lovely parting gifts indeed.

If only they just gave away all those Can-Con gameshow 'Brother Typewriters'...Would likely save us a billion or ten.