Friday, April 20, 2012

Flashmaster Mash-Up.


Pretty much verbatim Rick Cluff on CBC Radio One this morning

"All of a sudden the Conservatives are not the Liberals allies on the right."

Ya think.



And why, exactly, was the Pumice Stone Pundit, Les Leyne, filling in for the Ceeb's traffic reporter, Stephen Smart, on the show this morning...Is it possible that, like the Premier, Mr. Smart was given his marching orders by certain parties to stay out of the media's glare this morning?



James King said...

Nah! Smart is still chasing motorcycle riders....You should have heard Sheila Orr/Bob Plecas on CBC Victoria this morning...

RossK said...

What'd they have to say JK?


Jim King said...

pretty much a chorus of two: By- elections don't matter; Nobody paid any attention to these elections anyway; Christy still has a chance to put this thing back together.

On the other hand Elizabeth Cull seemed to be able to make the connections between whats going on now compared with the final years of the Clark/Dosanjh government. She described some very interesting parallels between two governments in free fall.