Monday, April 09, 2012

North Vancouver Confidential...What Did The (not)Premier Actually Say?


As you no doubt know by now, Christy Clark held a little meeting with a few hundred of the faithful in a North Van hotel ballroom last week.

And, despite being pre-invited, a member of the proMedia was given the boot, because, according to a BC Liberal Government apparatchikish executive-type assistant:

"When the premier speaks, we would rather her comments not be reported."


So what, exactly, did the Premier speak about that we, the people of British Columbia, shouldn't read about in the public prints?

Well, we are not entirely certain.

However, according to the (not)Premier's very finest of the fine direct-mail website she did have something of import to say to from North Vancouver last week.

And this is what, at least according to the apparatchikish words of those doing the writing, she had to say:

NORTH VANCOUVER - Premier Christy Clark announced a second jobs and trade mission aimed at maintaining the province's strong economic momentum and strengthening relationships with Japan, Korea and the Philippines.

"We know that expanding and strengthening trading relationships abroad means real jobs here at home. Our government is acting to make sure that B.C. businesses are first in line to take advantage of the growing market opportunities in Asia," said Premier Clark. "This jobs and trade mission will open up new doors, connect B.C. businesses with Asian demand and keep our economy strong and growing."

The mission will focus on nurturing and strengthening business relationships in Japan, Korea, and the Philippines, while expanding markets for British Columbia goods and services....


And if a reporter had asked her a question or two about that specific matter in the hotel ballroom I wonder what it would have been?

Well, we're not entirely sure about that either.

But we do know what we would have liked said reporter to ask, given that blogger NVG determined that the last junket cost me, mine and yours ~$600,000....

"Great. And how much, precisely, will this one cost us?"

Which, I'm certain that a (not) Premier who as open and honest and completely transparent as Ms. Clark would have had no problem answering, straight-up.


After all, what's a few hundred thousand, here or there, when you've got Translink Executives to bash.



North Van's Grumps said...

I guess the non-Premier's logic is that if she is overseas, she won't have any trouble handling the questions, from North American Press.... maybe.

RossK said...


Me thinks you may be right.

And that, together with with the the fine folks working flat-out behind the curtain, will result in a full frontal attempt to spin this into 'Jobs, Jobs, Jobs'.

Me thinks, however, that there may also be a just a wee bit of a backlash re: The Abentee (not)Premier.

And, Hey!

Speaking of spinning sows' ears into uncritical National Media gold, did anyone here all the breathy 'reporting' by Susan Lund on the Ceeb today about how great shipping all that 'lumber' to China has been for all the mills in this province?

And nary a mention of the word 'raw' or 'log' anywhere from the reporter based in Ottawa.



Anonymous said...

Let's look at Japan. This story released on 3/6/12: " Japan shows no signs of emerging from its recession, according to Hiromichi Shirakawa, chief economist of Credit Suisse in Japan. However, the government is attempting to make substantial steps to reverse the trend. Experts list high government debt, aging population and ongoing deflation for Japan’s problems."
And what about the Philippines ? According to Stats Can " • Total trade between Canada and the Philippines has been invariable at a little over US$500 million yearly during the last five years."
I won't even get into Korea. As far as I'm concerned this trip is a total waste of taxpayer dollars by a so-called Premier that hasn't a clue as to what is happening. This is simply a delusional woman who believes the Liberal Party owes her a vacation to satisfy her egotistical warped mind. There are children in this Province that go without 3 squares a day and this idiot thinks she can increase trade with the Philippines ? The filipinos already know about jobs at Tim Horton's and they don't need a questionable Premier to tell them things are better here.

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...

There you go again Guy--

Bringing reason and critical analysis into the picture again.

That just will not do in ApparatchikVille.

As for these parts?

Well, we welcome both!



Chris said...

It'll be interesting to see who, if anyone, and how many, if any, reporters, are sent along on the trip. And if they stick to official Asia trade questions.

If they had any sense of humour, they'd go along and ask her non-stop BC Rail and raw log and child poverty questions ... and why she's pushing importing of foreign workers ahead of training up BC residents.

I only say that because I'm curious about the sound of her new press secretary's head exploding in Eastern harmonics.

"When the premier speaks to foreign leaders, we would rather her comments not be reoooooooooooooowwww...."

Sung in the key of Eek.

e.a.f. said...

The countries she is planning on travelling to don't to a hell of a lot of trade with BC. At one time Japan wanted our coal but they aren't in the manufacturing business they once were & won't be for some time. Korea, they have enough problems. Phillipines, don't thinks so.

We import from these countries but that doesn't give Canadians much in the way of jobs. For Canada to maintain a good economy we need manufacturing jobs & milling our own lumber here.

Now lets hope some one gets on a plane with her & follows her around & ask her about how well B.C. is doing in getting to a bottom line like the Phillipines has. Our child poverty rate is the highest in Canada. Maybe CC wants to see if we can take it any lower by seeing how the Phillipines are doing it.

It sounds like she just wants to get out of the country for awhile. She might want to think twice about that. It would be the perfect time for her caucus to stage their revolt. Now that would be fun.