Saturday, April 07, 2012

Sometimes Everybody Should Just Read...


Particularly if you are wondering what the really big deal is about succumbing to the faux 'reasonableness' of the wedge issue that is being falsely foisted upon an unsuspecting public as 'debate' regarding the long-settled issue of a woman's right to choose.



Put down that Weekend Globe and go and read a much better Op-Ed over at the Rev's.




lenin's ghost said...

thx for the redirect, Ross

The Rev was spot on.

RossK said...

You're most welcome l.g.


Rev.Paperboy said...

aw shucks...

Saskboy said...

I've heard you're considering leaving ProgBlogs. I hope you'll reconsider if so.

I think the situation is blown out of proportion, and has been maliciously presented by a few people who are essentially saying that those who stay on Progblogs cannot be feminists (somewhat reminiscent of a certain politician who recently said you're either with the government, or you're a bad person).

No one at ProgBlogs wants an abortion debate in Parliament, but we have a different idea of how to prevent that - through not censoring, so peers can review and correct what they deem as mistakes.