Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Morning Ride.

Hey! Where'd Those Mountains Go?
(looking North, down Cambie)

I thought the era of thievery by the Cronies of the Golden Gord was over.


Did the Port Authority have them reduced to rubble to fill in the harbour?



North Van's Grumps said...

I've just published a new Post over at my blog.....and then it dawned on my that what I was writing on, or researching with, might be of use to those readers who want to know more about Robo Calls.

Its called the WayBack Machine. It puts screen shot, caches, onto a chronological line. Not everything has been captured but there might something there.

RossK said...

Thanks NVG.

That Wayback Machine is good for a whole lotta stuff.


Eleanor Gregory said...

From the spot where this photo is taken look south at the large trees on the boulevard. Very popular with young, adventurous tree climbers because they allow for climbing way, way up.

paul said...

My first visit to Vancouver was on a one-week management course that offered four segments, and the chance to take them in different North American cities. It was the last day before I realized there were mountains behind the grey.

Anonymous said...

I heard a way back machine to-day. right after Parliament, Mulcair, Dion and many others, told of Bev Oda's, outrageous extravagances, since her first days as a minister. We can all retire at 65, if she has to pay it all back.

Harper looked a total fool, regarding the cost of the F-35 jets. The Chair blew a gasket, in two sessions, the Auditor hasn't been brought to give his evidence. The Chair was told by a Conservative minister, that wasn't true. Then the proverbial really hit the fan. The auditor, will be forthcoming.

RossK said...


I'm sure it was first told by someone else, but when I first arrived in town in the fall of 1986 I remember being struck by how right Donald S. Cherry was when he said...."If you can see the Mountains in Vancouver today it can only mean one thing...Which is that you won't be able to see them tomorrow".

Or some such thing.


Thanks for the tip Eleanor --

I'll be looking for them, as this is where I most often cross the great East-West divide on my two wheeler (just can't bring myself to go all the way up the hill and into the traffic along CLorangerWay/29th Ave).


Thanks for the play-by-play....Have been so busy with science-geek stuff that I've fallen behind a little with current events recently.