Thursday, April 05, 2012

My Morning Ride: Nevermind The Blossoms...

...Here Come The Flip-Flops.

Because they start popping up everywhere as you get closer to campus these days.

Especially prominent on Frat Row as the pledges get ready to really start studying for finals.

Or whatever the heckfire it is those kids really do this time of year.



lenin's ghost said...

nice pic, Ross......a sweet sight after creeping around downtown this afternoon in my little motorcar......ack!
hmmm......getting bad when the 'no robot' type is longer than my

RossK said...

You know lg, I kinda miss the robots...They keep you from getting a false sense of security about how 'safe' things are (not)...

Trouble is, there is no way to turn them off as far as I can tell.


What the heckfire were you doing driving around downtown on an Easter Thursday afternoon anyway?


lenin's ghost said...

I had important appointments that couldn't be avoided......and I have a low tolerance level for the rude peeps using our transit system, which I find frustratingly inefficieny in comparison to London, Berlin, and Geneva........but, on the bright side , I could crank up the Clash and the damned and howl like a banshee along with the music WOOHOO!!!!!

I have no sense of security anymore, especially online, and with the harper corpbots everywhere!

have a lovely weekend, Ross!

RossK said...


Did you say...

The Clash?