Friday, April 20, 2012

Ron Obvious Pulls The Birdman Out Of His Hat.


From Mr. Mason's latest, a clutch of chalky post-bye-bye pearls:

"...(T)he Conservatives have no interest in joining forces in any party that is led by Premier Christy Clark – someone they see as a big-L Liberal. And that could end up being the deal breaker in any talks that take place.

If, under some set of unforeseen circumstances, Ms. Clark stepped down to allow someone else to lead a newly constituted coalition, then the Conservatives might be interested. And the name I hear on that front is Kevin Falcon – grassroots conservatives could live with him as the head of a new coalition...."


Where have we heard that before?


Of course, as is his M.O., the almost always obvious Mr. Mason immediately changed course to give himself room to back-peddle into a safety touch if needed:

"...But that is extremely unlikely to happen. Ms. Clark has stated her intention of being the leader of any newly named, newly constituted centre-right alliance. And who could blame her? There are any number of things that could happen between now and next year’s election call that could upset the current political dynamics in the province..."


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