Monday, April 02, 2012

The State Of The Rusted Out, Fools' Gold Era...


...Who's Crazy Now?

A couple of months ago, when the all three polling sub-categories (eg. LINO's Down/Dippers Up/BCCons Way, Way Up) first made it readily apparent that the BC Liberal Party, at least as currently configured and branded, was doomed, we wrote the following:

"What if the (Fed) Cons (running the LINO's) were to suddenly depose The Snook, anoint The Birdman, and then engineer a fusion-based love-in with The Curmudgeon (Mr. Cummins)...

How would those (center-right split) numbers look then?"

Of course, many folks, including 3 of 4 members of the PublicEye rabble-rousing panel and the host, Mr. Holman, laughed when Eleanor Gregory quoted our words verbatim*.


Imagine our surprise when yesterday's E. Gregory-free P. EyeOnline panel spent a goodly part of an entire segment seriously considering the possibility of a re-branded LibCon party with a new leader and/or a wholesale move to The Party of Curmudgeon.

Now the former I can see, if they still think they have a hope-in-heckfire of winning, or even forming a reasonably strong opposition.

As for the latter?

Well, I reckon they will only throw that Hail Mary if they really and truly think they are doomed for good.

And clearly, given their inability to let go the gosamer-winged reins of power they think they are still holding, they are not quite ready to face-up to that cold, hard real politic reality (especially when you've got guys like Mickleburgh writing bizarre "on-the one/on-the-other-hand" stuff like this) quite yet.

Which is why, I reckon, folks like Abbott and, especially, The Birdman (who is not, as far as I can tell, beholden to the 'progressives') haven't gone way, way deep already.


*And now both Ms. Gregory and Mr. Dave owe me cookies for using my stuff....Hmmm....How come I have never seen, nor heard, not to mention read, those two together, in the same political chatroomish-type online salonthingies at the same time?
Update: Oh, gosh, now understand how faux accusatory the bit above seems...Here's the Half-A-Momma Mia Cuppa...



Dave said...

Because I never, ever, do political chatroom thingies.

And, unlike Ms. Gregory, I don't purloin the work of others. I link to those fine folk or quote 'em.

And I will have cookies soon! :-)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the BC Liberals could name over to, the Northern Foundation Party. That would certainly please Harper.

I mean...where did Christy suddenly get all of that money, for the Enbridge pipeline and what not? Christy had said, BC was entirely broke and busted. No money for the teachers, what-so-ever.

Hmmmm, I wonder what Harper will reward Christy with?

Grant G said...




BC Fib=23%

Joining together might not be enough

RossK said...


Vote for Christy Party now, officially a vote for the NDP?



Will take tongue out of cheek and fix!

Because, really Ms. Gregory's was an audio link too.



Good question...Heckfire, he might even offer something to step down so that the Birdman can make up with the Curmudgeon.


lenin's ghost said...

lol.....the fascists darken another political one will be cons.......nexy maybe the BC party a la saskatchewan.....finally the truth main show itself and the will have the proper name 'BC Corp'