Thursday, April 12, 2012

Curmudgeonly Conservative Cummins Has Had 'Casual Conversations'...


...But, according to Michael Smyth at least, he (ie. The Curmudgeon) is saying no to a fusion with the current incarnation of the BC Liberal Party:

...(W)ill Conservative leader John Cummins entertain any suggestions of merging his surging party with the slumping Liberals, to take on the poll-topping NDP with a new right-wing combo party?

“Absolutely not,” Cummins said of the rumoured merger talks.

“If the leadership of the BC Conservatives were to go anywhere near a merger with the Liberals, I don’t think there’s a single Conservative member who would follow us.”

Cummins said he has not been directly approached about a deal with the Liberals, but said some Liberal insiders have put out feelers to counterparts in the Conservative ranks.

“There has been casual conversation,” Cummins said. “Some people politically active, but not in formal positions within the Liberal Party, have broached the issue to some people in our party. It’s free-enterprise voters looking for some kind of solution.”...

You know, I'm really starting to wonder...

If, after giving CClark and her riders a leg-up purely for the short-term, if the FedCons were playing British Columbians for saps in their not necessarily mutually exclusive long-game this, perhaps, is this how it would look?

(gonna think a bit about that possibility...Will try and come up with a scenario or seven)

And kudos to Mr. Smyth for actually almost kinda/sorta breaking one this time 'round...Looks to me like the pros, who clearly are in a wee bit of a tizzy what with all the blood that's already in the water, are also actually working a little harder...Hmmmmmmm.....Wonder why?



Anonymous said...

Not much to figure out.

The Conservatives are mimicking their American Republican cousins and damn the costs.

Total War Everywhere. Always.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing left in BC, to fight over. This province is pretty much owned by China.

Campbell thieved and sold our assets and resources. Our BC mills were shipped to China, with our raw logs. China owns BC mines. Their own people will be brought over, to work our mines. Christy is building roads for China's convenience. She is giving millions, towards the dirty Enbridge tar pipeline, which China is going to build. The Chinese work for starvation wages...won't Enbridge just love that. Harper has permitted China, to buy up the tar sands. Those jobs will be lost to Canadians too.

Vancouver is overrun by Chinese. They come in swarms and buy up the Real Estate. China bought Britannia, for a very small price, to put up 4,000 residences. Ocean views and all.

BC Conservatives have a very bad name, because of Harper. The Federal Liberals, have a bad name, because of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Harper and his Conservatives, BC Liberals and the BC Conservatives all have interchangeable parts. They flit from one to the other, no problem what-so-ever.

RossK said...


Excellent point.

Have to remember that at all times...It's a 4D conflict.


Laila has a great post up on those who are not protecting Canadian sovereignty today...



lenin's ghost said...

the harpercorp are playing both sides of the fence on this......they have so much corp money to spend they can do it.
cummins loves this situation....the bclibs destroy the province socially and economically and the dippers get the mess.....much like raes dippers in ontario......cummins wins the next election blaming the dippers for all the problems........this cycle is repeated over and over in our history......
liars....sacks of shit! poopheads!