Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Calling Dark Dungeons Glittering Castles, And Really Meaning It


When my two kids and I started our busking project awhile back we didn't know what the heckfire we were doing.

Or why.

And for some reason one of John Darnielle's songs became one of our early favourites. And it it still lives, especially, apparently, on the island fortress of Formosa.

Imagine that.


Darnielle is getting ready to go out on a solo tour, sans the Mountain Goats.

First he'll take Australia.

And then the Rio.

I think I'll get a drink.



paul said...

First Goat song I heard, I think, and the start of a great appreciation for the best lyricist in music today. And his Victoria show was one of the best I've seen. (Vic Chesnutt in a Victoria bar was the best so far. He rolled through the door in his wheelchair, a woman handed him his guitar and he said 'So, what do you want to hear?' and played the songs people called out for two hours.)
And I'm quite fond of the Three Buskateers' version.

RossK said...

Sadly, Paul, I do not think he will get as far south as Honduras this time 'round.

Hit the embedded, though....You will be in for a real, real treat that, in the end, gets pretty close to...'Whaddy'a wanna hear?'