Friday, April 13, 2012

Won't Someone Please Think Of The Childr....Errr...


....Shill Factories?

The Exile Of Ennui (what a great blog title, eh?) has the story. Here's his lede:

Yesterday there was a bit of a Twitter fight between Kevin Milligan, Professor of Economics at UBC, and whoever runs the Fraser Institute’s Twitter account. Basically Professor Milligan noted the Niels Veldhuis’s poor grasp of statistics was grounds for promotion at the Institute (having recently been named President).

This is all based Veldhuis’s defense of axing the long-form census last summer, something that was opposed by the overwhelming majority of think-tanks across the ideological spectrum, as well as business and community groups. Here’s but one critique.

Sometimes the discussion wasn’t very polite. I understand “toadlicking suckups” might have been said by one party, and “Krugmanesque shrillness” (My god, pass the smelling salts!) by another. Oops. Professor Milligan later apologized for some of the more colourful terms....

And after that things get really bizarre in 'up is down' and '2+2 = 5' Quintillion Land.

Or some such thing.

Go read it all.


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