Friday, April 06, 2012

Stay Christy, Stay!


Is Ms. Clark incompetent?

In my opinion, yes.

Will Ms. Clark lose the next general election?

In my opinion, yes.

Must, as Rafe Mair just implored, Ms. Clark go?

In my opinion, most definitely...



Because, as Norm Farrell suggests, by way of Justine Hunter's work in The Globe, it would appear that if Ms. Clark goes we just may find out who British Columbia's next made man (or woman) will be:

....It startles me though when a representative of the unelected elite feels sufficiently powerful to issue a public warning that promises, even threatens, political change. In Women voters turn their backs on BC Liberals ace Globe and Mail reporter Justine Hunter brings us the news:
...The centre-right is split and the advantage goes to the NDP.
“There is a responsibility on both sides to pull together,” [Philip Hochstein, president of the Independent Contractors] said. He directs this admonishment to the party leaders, Mr. Cummins and Ms. Clark. “It behooves both of them to pull together.”

Although neither leader is showing the slightest interest in d├ętente, Mr. Hochstein suggested
the people who bankroll the centre-right parties won’t allow this division to continue. “There are many discussions going on throughout the free-enterprise sector on how to make it happen,” he said. (emphasis added)


It brings to mind the decision years ago to remove Gordon Wilson and install Gordon Campbell as BC Liberal leader. The "free enterprise" coalition is in much deeper trouble this time around. What are they planning? A coup?...

Personally, I would rather stick with the Snooki we know.

Not to mention the Snooki we know will lose.




Dave said...


I always say, when your opponents are clear loser, keep them on their feet for as long as possible.

Ron S. said...

I have said all along to anyone who would listen, the Right wing is controlled by big business, no ifs ands or buts.

Anonymous said...

The right wing isn't controlled by big business - it IS big business.
CC says it - she will do whatever needs to be done to keep the free enterprise party in power. Big business put her there to do just that.

Eleanor Gregory said...

Interesting to see the MSM falling all over themselves to report critically on Premier Clark. Guess it sells and so they do it.

Norm Farrell said...

Eleanor, the main thing that MSM does is sell... sell out, that is.

RossK said...


Do you really think that is what's going on?

Could not the same argument have been made with, for example, Mr. Campbell when his numbers began to dramatically slide?

It really does seem that there is more to this than that.

I think that Norm would argue (correct me if I'm wrong Norm) based on his comment to the post above this) that some of this is due to the rise of the so-called 'indpependent' media. And I would agree with that to some degree. For example, Michael Smyth's Friday column pretty much echos, some might say almost word-for-word what many of the independents (and especially Norm) have been writing for some time about the hypocrisy of singling out Translink exec compensation (although Mr. Smyth, of course, kinda/sorta missed the actual political expedient strategy that appears to be Ms. Clark's stock-in-trade).

However, I think there is something more going on here.

And I really wonder if it is not the 'charlatan' factor, pure and simple.

(gosh, maybe this should have been a post - sorry about the long wind blowin')