Monday, April 16, 2012

Robocall Investigation Update...Flying By The Seat Of Target Management Pants?


New piece from McGregor and Maher at Postmedia is up.

And, according to them and their sources, investigators from ECanada are now sniffing around inside the National branch of the Conservative Party of Canada...

Here's their lede:

OTTAWA — Elections Canada investigators on the trail of the "Pierre Poutine" suspect in the robocalls case have been asking questions about the actions of staff at Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa.

Nearly a year after the investigation began, the agency is trying to determine why database records provided by the party appear to be missing entries that could help identify who downloaded the phone numbers used to make fraudulent robocalls, according to a source familiar with the probe.

Investigators also are inquiring about a phone call from Conservative headquarters, made the day before the election, to RackNine, the Edmonton voice-broadcasting company whose servers were used to send out the robocalls....

After that comes a bunch of important background about the Conservative Party's voter data base before the piece circles back to something potentially pretty interesting:

...Also of interest is a call to RackNine made on May 1, the day before the vote, from a number in the Conservative party war room in Ottawa.

The number is listed as belonging to Chris Rougier, who was identified as the party's manager of voter relation programs. It usually rings on his desk at party headquarters on Albert Street in downtown Ottawa, but was forwarded to the party's south Ottawa war room for the duration of the campaign.

Rougier was a key member of the target seat team, working directly under campaign manager Jenni Byrne, acting as a liaison with vendors providing telephone services to the campaign.

There is no indication Rougier was involved in the Poutine scheme, only that Mathews was inquiring why his phone line would be used by someone to place a call to RackNine....

Target Seat Team?


Where have we heard the name of that very fine, fine Conservative Party of Canada, National Division, unit before?


Let me think...

Saanich, 2008?



Could it be something Dave at the Galloping Beaver wrote about, say, six weeks ago?

This national division stuff is something that popped up outta nowhere in a discussion about Saanich 2008 deep within a two month-old Globe piece by Lawrence Martin...
Sub-Header tickling the tip of your limbic system?....This, regardless its cringe worthiness, oughtta fix that.



Saskboy said...

I highlighted nearly the same section in my article tonight.

This is interesting

RossK said...

Thanks Saskboy!


Dave said...

I remain motivated. Go team!

Fitz-n-Startz said...

I presume you noted the statement in Harris' iPolitics letter:
The invoices were sent to “Julian Fantino Campaign”, seven to the attention of Chris M. Rougier, who had worked in the office of Greg Kerr, Conservative member of Parliament for West Nova.

RossK said...

Had not seen that.

Thanks very much Fitz.


Beijing York said...

I remember thinking that of the 18 ridings that Brian-Michel identified as being highly suspect, West Nova seemed odd:

I have family that live in that riding and Kerr first won in 2008, a surprising victory in what had been a pretty solid Liberal holding.

And thanks to Fitz, it seems this Rougier insider was involved with that riding.

RossK said...


So maybe Saanich wasn't the only ground zero in 2008?


Beijing York said...

Maybe Ross. It's such a small, sleepy riding that not many would have paid attention. Demographically, it skews older.