Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stay Christy, Stay! (v6.0)


Of course the (not)Premier can turn it all around.

Especially if people would just stop complaining about trivial stuff like cronyism and incompetence and the shredding of the social safety net for no economically advantageous reason at all.

Oh, ya.

And the HST.

Which is why we are so happy to see big Rich Coleman out on the shilling floor. Dan Burritt and John Ackerman have a pretty good longform story up on the matter at the  WX1130 website:

...Housing Minister and Langley-Aldergrove MLA Rich Colemansays even though some leaders within the BC Conservatives have said "no" to advances from Liberal power-brokers to come into what has been called the "coalition tent," there are some who are open to joining the Liberals to try to cement the centre-right vote ahead of the May 2013 election.

"[The ones that I've spoken to] recognize now [that] the conversation was cordial and really basic," says Coleman. "What it came down to [is that] we recognize if we all look at the results [of the 
recent by-elections], particularly in Chilliwack, that we need to have a conversation on how we can bring this thing together."

"I never got any re-buffing from anybody I spoke to," Coleman adds. "I've spoken to a number of folks who are all interested in sitting down and chatting and looking at how we can make sure we build this thing for the future with the centre-right coalition."...

Vive Le Coalition!

Meanwhile, in real government news of stuff that actually matters, Big Rich says the Boss Power payout of millions that could have been used to build stuff or fund stuff was due to 'internal advice' that was all the NDP's fault in 1995....Or some such thing.



Anonymous said...

Rich Coleman should suggest, the BC Conservatives and the BC Liberals, call their new party the, Northern Foundation Party. This was Harper's party back in 1989. they said, the skinheads organized the party for Harper.

Campbell works for Harper. Boessenkool, has been placed in the BC Liberals. Van Dongen is now with the BC Conservatives. The BC Liberals support Harper's Enbridge pipeline.

Yes, the Northern Foundation Party, is a good name for the merged BC Liberals and Conservatives. They are all one and the same party anyway.

Anonymous said...

Great! Will Rich Coleman accept Van dongen back into the fold? Perhaps, he can help Van dongen out with his personal issues as well!

RossK said...


Fair enough.

Myself, I'm partial to that ol' stand-by 'The Conservative Liberal Alliance Party'





One gets the impression that Big Rich would welcome anybody Spanky ....errrr....Paddy The K...says is allowed back in the clubhouse.


kootcoot said...

Ross, I prefer Canadian Reform Alliance Party or CRAP!

I hope the BC Cons take in all the LIEberals they can, then both will be stained with the Gordo/Christy criminal gene. Then again looking back at fifty years of BC elections (back to Wacky) it is difficult to underestimate (or would overestimate be more appropriate) the lack of smarts possessed by those allowed to vote in BeeCee.

If one paid any attention to Pigboy Coleman and his cohorts, one would realize that anything bad in BC is the fault of the nasty NDP, just like any problems in the USA are due to either Clinton or Obama, unfortunately Dubya couldn't be king for life and fix everything.

Of course I blame it all on Reagan!

RossK said...


Interesting to me how Mr. Bush the Younger has, for all intents and purposes, essentiallybeen disappeared by the Republicans.

Historically, speaking, of course.


Anonymous said...

Re W ...

on Salon

Sources interviewed for this article said that Mr. Bush spends at least eight hours of each day at the Preston Hollow Shopping Center, a popular retail destination near his home in suburban Dallas. “Other than that chimichanga lunch he doesn’t really have a set routine,” said one source. “Sometimes he’ll hang around Lenscrafters trying on glasses or head over to Abercrombie & Fitch and watch the girls fold pants. Last week I saw him inside Pottery Barn sleeping in a leather recliner.”

- Jonku

RossK said...

Thanks Jonku!


Norm Farrell said...

The Salon piece was a wonderful satire, not understood as satire by some because it closely fits the image many of us have of Bush the younger.

RossK said...




lenin's ghost said...

COALITION!!!!!....seems as if only yesterday this word was evil in the eyes of all dimwingers.......they must be so proud of their adaptability, flipfloppery and hypocrisy......hmm....same words with different conatations.....anybody need a PR hack?!!!!