Thursday, April 19, 2012

Les Leyne...The Pumice Stone Pundit?



Because we would never wish to suggest that his best efforts to remove the voluminous wrinkles and warts from the public face of all that the BC Liberal Party has become have anything whatsoever to do with the use of collagenous injectables and/or purified extracts of botulinum toxin.

But that stone....Well, it sure can try its best to smooth down pretty much anything by invoking, say...

The Toronto Maple Leafs.


You read that right.

Because in his latest column Mr. Leyne would have us believe that, when it comes to success in the game of lowering all expectations, the total ineffectualness of a totally incompetent leader in terms of actual governing, is actually, you know, a bonus.

Or some such codswallop.

To wit:

It's not often that a dismal record of futility becomes a distinct plus.

But that's what governments in B.C. have going for them as voters go to the polls today in two byelections.

It's something like the Toronto Maple Leafs' approach to hockey. There's never any serious expectation they'll ever play winning hockey. So there's no need for any anxiety about performance. The club can maintain an attitude of serene indifference, because hey, they're the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Leafs lose hockey games. B.C. governments lose byelections. It's the natural order of things. That's immensely comforting to B.C. Liberals this morning...

Oh, and as for those pesky Conservatives who are being fronted by the Curmudgeon?

Well, according to Mr. Leyne, if they do not breakthrough in the 'Wack, they are doomed.

Yes, you read that correctly....

Doomed he tells us!

...The Conservatives got a scant 1,200 votes last time with a minimal campaign that cost just $250. This time around it's a much more serious effort, because there's a lot more pressure on the party to produce. Conservatives are in the opposite position of the Liberals in terms of expectations. After a year of favourable media play and good poll results, anything less than a breakthrough win is going to be a significant setback for the party...




kootcoot said...

Really Ross, Les is less than worthy of paying attention to at all. He is a joke on the very concept of journalism.

By the way, I love your play by play post that appears later - I sat the whole thing out and just woke up this morning to the expected good news. Too bad Tofu John (the CURDmugeon) didn't do a bit better in Wackland...but then maybe that plays into the Stay, Crispy, Stay wish. Sounds like the title of a fifties Frankie Avalon type song "Stay, Christy, Stay."

RossK said...

And who would play the nouveau Annette, in the re-make, I wonder?