Thursday, April 19, 2012

Levon and Danko...Together Again.


I know we tilled this ramblin' ground a couple of days ago.

But what the hell...

Because if the 'Crazy Chester' verse doesn't give you chimeric shivers of a certain 'Ain't no sin to be glad your alive' -type kind?

Well, you, yourself, just may not have a pulse...




Don f. said...

He left us this afternoon, God speed on your journey Levon.

Dana said...

I've got Big Pink turned up way loud. I need the volume to listen through the tears. Chest Fever at the moment. That great Hammond sound with Levon whackin' the beat like he's got Lawrence Welk's head in the snare. The world's gettin so dim and grey.

RossK said...

Thanks Don - ya, that's what made me go looking for this one from that train movie when they crossed our fair land in 1970 at the height of their power and glory.



Was working on a bunch of science geek reviews all afternoon. I think they were made much more insightful purely because of the fact that I listened to the 2nd album, cranked, the entire time.

Me, I'm not gonna cry for Levon. He had a helluva life and, I reckon, in the end, got the better of the Devil (Scorcese) and sidekick Carmen (Robertson) on about a million different levels.



Maybe I'm not gonna cry too much.

Good to hear from you again by-the-way.