Friday, April 20, 2012

Bye-Bye Analysis Going Down....Mr. Willcocks Crunches Real Numbers Real Hard


Really good stuff from Mr. Willcocks looking at things from a whole lot of angles.

The following is just one of those angles, and it's an important one, but probably too 'difficult' for most of the puffed-up pro-punditry to explain to the great Lotuslandian unwashed:

...(T)he results confirm the Liberals' problems are much deeper than a split in the non-NDP vote. Look at those numbers in the first paragraph above. Liberals support dropped by 5,490 votes; Conservative support only increased by 2,350 votes. Some people who voted Liberal in 2009 voted NDP; many more just stayed home. One of the fallacies in the argument that making the Conservatives go away would solve the Liberals' problems is that Conservative support would all migrate to the Liberals. Many Conservative voters would not vote at all, based on these results...

Go read it all. It's free, and there is no paywall.

However, if you are so inclined, you could help Mr. Willcocks and his partner the accordion wizard do the good stuff they are doing down in Latin America by visiting them here....
Subheader?...Blame it on Mr. Beer 'N Hockey...


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