Monday, April 16, 2012

My Morning Ride.


No fat tuna in a can.


I mean - Is that what the faux cement wood-frame condo just-off Main in the 30's demographic has actually become?

+13, 504

Speaking of slicing and dicing of the demos....Looks like the geniuses pulling the strings behind the (not)Premier have decided to take a page from the Harpoon's micro-taxbreak playbook...Clearly, we are not all in this together...
Had a Wild Rose 'implications for the (not)Premier' post all ready to go (at least in my mind), but the VSun's Doug Ward, with an assist from all-over-the-Lotusland-Map FedCon advance man Hamish Marshall, beat me to it...Maybe more on this, in a big picture sense, later...
Hey!....How much longer will be able to read VSun stuff online?...Big picture there?...Thanks again to our 'purported' Postmedia insider for the tip on that one...



Chris said...

Wow. When did draining tuna become such a heavy responsibility?

RossK said...

Oh man.

Can anybody find a Uke cover for that!?