Friday, April 27, 2012

RoboCalls Revisited: What If They Knew They Would Be Found Out...

...And Didn't Care?

As is often the case, mostly because she digs and sifts and analyzes the public record with real depth and effort, it is hard to disagree with Alison at Creekside.

This time it's her bottom line opinion on the EKOS poll commissioned for the Council of Canadians that I'd like to comment on, which is:

"...(I)f the EKOS poll is accurate, then up to 15% of the vote in those seven closest vote margin ridings -some 50,000 people - received phone calls deliberately intended to suppress the non-Steve vote...."


Here's the thing.

If it really was 50,000 in those seven ridings and say, 50,000 more in a bunch of other ridings, it's hard for me to imagine that it wasn't a concerted, coordinated effort.


But here's something else to consider.

If tens of thousands of Canadian citizens received fraudulent calls bent on targeted voter suppression, which, to be absolutely clear here, are very, very different than calls telling telling people not to vote for a certain candidate because their uncle's cousin's son-in-law eats babies, or worse....

...Could the members of the mythical group behind such a concerted effort have actually been thinking that this stuff would not come out in the wash post-election suppression?

And, further, if members of the mythical group knew it likely would come out, does that mean that those who allegedly committed voter fraud on a massive scale, with malice aforethought, did so knowing that any slap on the wrist-type consequence would just be the cost of doing business?



Chris said...

And if you didn't care then about getting found out once the majority was in place, it's a good bet you don't care what people think of you now you're unrolling the agenda.

That's pretty scary. But it would explain a lot of things.

It's kind of like asking why a politician who knows they're on the way out doesn't seize the moment to do all the right things, only the question is in reverse: what if you know you're only there for one term, and feel free, and have the ultimate incentive, to get done now whatever you want done? Wouldn't that be the ultimate freedom to do cement into place every nasty, un-reversible thing you'd ever contemplated (or promised to whoever owns you)?

lynx said...


I think you've correctly determined the perverse psychology -
and the chief operating principle at work...

...which is as Chris notes above "pretty scary".

Beijing York said...

They only got a slap on the wrist for the "in and out" illegal scam plus they prorogued government twice and were found in contempt of Parliament and still people in general did not flee from them in droves at the election booths.

I think Harper and his backers felt assured that the general populace was wishy washy about his past transgressions but that indifference was not enough to secure a majority, hence the plan to suppress votes in close ridings.

Those responsible at the top need to be sent to jail much like what happened with the Nixon administration.

Ron S. said...

That's exactly how they feel. It's the cost of doing business, period. They really could care less, they have the support of MSM and big business who will all make sure the populace is dumbed down to moronic levels next election.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one Ross. Really gets me thinking about those trips from David Frum or was it Frank Luntz.

So if the word guys were there, then the deed guys couldn't be far away. Well, I guess after you get two terms of GWB, you turn around to the next place to ply your trade.

Good to know.

- Jonku