Monday, April 23, 2012

This Is What Double-Speak Looks Like


The following is an E-Mail that was sent to Environment Canada scientists on the eve of a big conference on the environment where said scientists will present data and then state their conclusions based on those data.


The Email was leaked to Postmedia:

"Good morning,

You are one of approximately fifty EC specialists that have been identified as participating in the final International Polar Year conference. Media will be present, and all presentations are open to media. Media interest in EC science is expected.

If you are approached by the media, ask them for their business card and tell them that you will get back to them with a time for interview. Send a message to your media relations contact with the media contact information and they will organize the interview. They will most probably be with you during the interview to assist and record. For anything outside of your area of expertise, including other research or policy issues, refer the journalist to the media relations contact.

Once your interview is completed, please provide a recording to Media Relations. If a recording is unavailable, you can complete a media interview form and submit to Media Relations.

Enjoy the conference!"

Which begs the question.....If the ice were to disappear from the poles tomorrow, would it be denied until the story was vetted by 'Communications Directors'?

More background in Margaret Munro's PMedia story, here.


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