Tuesday, April 03, 2012

It Is Now Official....

...A Vote For The Christy Party Is A Vote For The NDP!


Rod Mickleburgh, in The Globe, even managed to sneak this nugget, soft, gooey and straight out of the Angus Reid easy-bake oven, onto the point of his latest inverted pyramid late last night:

"Premier Christy Clark’s mantra-like pleas for support from so-called free-enterprise voters to avoid a split that would elect the NDP are beginning to have a hollow ring, according to the latest public-opinion poll in the province.

The survey by Angus Reid found the governing BC Liberals and the BC Conservatives neck and neck in popular support, each with 23 per cent, while the NDP remains far in front at 43 per cent. If the seepage of former Liberal voters to the Conservatives continues, the upstart, right-wing party headed by John Cummins could soon be the best statistical option for British Columbians who want to prevent the NDP from forming government...."

Meanwhile, when reporters, many of whom wouldn't have dared to be so audacious a few weeks ago, pushed for a comment about the new numbers Snooki put on her bad motor sneakers and....Ran!
Don't know about you, but I'm really starting to wonder if the FedCons running the Christy Party have already been told, via the sound of the thing ringin' in their bluetoothed heads, to start whispering about potential post-party safe landings at places like, oh I dunno, how about, perhaps.... Fireball TeeVee?



Anonymous said...

There are BC citizens, royally pissed at Dix. He is putting no opposition towards the Enbridge pipeline, nor the dirty tar tankers. Harper's so called Conservatives, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, and the BC Conservatives, seem all one and the same party. Christy badly wants a position in Harperland. If Harper rewarded Campbell for doing his dirty work for him...why not Christy too?

So, the only ones fighting to keep the filthy tar, out of our province, is us.

bewlay said...

And ride…. http://youtu.be/tk52nGxF-j C’mon Snooki…

bewlay said...

Oops http://youtu.be/tk52nGxF-jc

Steve Cooley said...

No doubt there are some people in BC who are royally pissed at Dix. No doubt there are many many more people in BC who are royally pissed at Clark.

Dix and other NDP MLAs have put it on record several times that they are opposed to the Enbridge pipeline.

RossK said...


I wonder if the 'reward' package for the replacement isn't being worked out right now.

And while understand what you are saying about the harder stand, Steve C. has a point and....there is the real politick to consider here given Dix' current lead.

Thanks bewlay...Ya, that'd be the one....When I was a kid, my friends and I would always turn that one way, way up going through downtown Montrose on Highway 3 (I'm sure the residents got pretty darned sick of that kind of thing)...Wait...Maybe it was Space Station #9 we blasted...Didn't Ronnie M. pass away recently?