Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Isn't Being A Little Bit Conflicted Kinda/Sorta Like...


...Being A Little Bit Pregnant?

Wendy Stueck, in The Globe, nails the conflictyness of Mess'rs Jago and Abbott to the wall.

Here's her lede:

Government staff showed parts of a new education bill to Charles Jago before he was appointed to mediate a labour dispute between teachers and the province, education minister George Abbott said on Tuesday.

The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation is trying to have Dr. Jago – appointed last month – turfed from his role over what the union contends is his bias and a flawed process, including Dr. Jago reviewing the bill before it was passed.

But in a written statement Tuesday, Mr. Abbott said the only parts of the legislation shown to Dr. Jago were those directly related to his prospective mandate and that the only changes Dr. Jago suggested were aimed at balancing the interests of parties in the dispute.

“My staff shared the draft terms of reference for the mediator that government was considering including as part of Bill 22. These are the terms that were eventually incorporated into Section 6 of Bill 22 as these were directly relevant to the assignment,” Mr. Abbott said. “We did not share with Dr. Jago any other component of Bill 22.”...

And remember....

If the Con-Lib fusion does happen, Mr. Abbott may just be offered up as, 'The Reasonable One'.

Heckfire, given that he was Horse 1A in the BC LINO Leadership race, he just may be offered up regardless.

(Stay Christy, Stay!)


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