Sunday, April 01, 2012

Are They Ready To Rumble?.....And/Or.... Write Harder?


This week's combatants in the Write Harder Battle Royale...

The Vancouver Courier's Bob Mackin and The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer.

The Battle Cry....

"Christy Clark's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, van Dongen-Type Day!"

And without further ado, here comes the best the battling pundits had to offer:

"...Clark's whereabouts (were) publicly unknown...."


"...(Clark) learned about the move from staff, so by the time van Dongen left word that if she wanted to talk, he was available, she didn't bother to call back..."

And we have a winner!

No contest.....


Battle cry givin' you a serious case of presque-vu?.....This should help.
Ian Reid provides in depth, pol-talk radio-type, post-bout analysis, here...


Ian said...

RK, thanks for pointing me to Bob MacKin's column. I missed it as I was flying to Austin to see Karl Rove, amongst others... No kidding...

RossK said...


Say what?

South by South-Con?


Ian said...

Bi-partisan as they say down here, permitting increasing lunacy.

The husband won five awards for ads, including a gold for.... Christy Crunch.

And Paul Begala and James Carville appeared alongside Mr. Rove. Too weird, but James Carville is one funny dude.

RossK said...


And me thinks that Mr. Carville is, perhaps, just a little bit too 'funny'.