Monday, April 02, 2012

Mama Mia, Half-A-Cuppa..


Yesterday, tongue-stuck firmly in cheek, I wrote a post-script (to this offering) that some may have construed as a quasi-suggestion that two of my favourite commentators on all sorts of things, mostly because I see them both as honest brokers, have been stealing my HR Puf'nStuf.

In reality, nothing could be further than the truth.

In fact, I am always ecstatic when either Blogger Dave of the Galloping Beaver, or non-Blogger lawyerly-type (and former NPA* Vancouver School Trustee) Eleanor Gregory link back to our stuff, either in pixel or audio form.



How can I make it up to them?

Well, they both owe me cookies.


What if I were to beat them to the Doughboy punch.


That just might make the karmic ticket.

*Yes....That's right, 'NPA' (at least for a while)....The thing is, an honest broker is just that, regardless....OK?



Dave said...

Ha! And I hast placed the next challenge. Did old rotten-mouth indeed drop a Harper bomb?

BTW. Got to do cookies and we need to get a bloggerpalooza so's I can deliver 'em. (Choco chip are my specialty).

RossK said...


And there is at least one new member who is convinced you don't actually exist in meatworld....

So cookies would be good!

Bob and I will get to work on the arrangements.


Anonymous said...

Something wrong with the comment box...Eleanor Gregory said:

In legal writing it becomes a habit to cite authority.

lenin's ghost said...

oatmeal choc chip really is the best.....yummy yum yum!

Eleanor Gregory said...

Since I do mostly legal writing, not political writing, I've gotten into the habit of citing authority, i.e. case law or statute law, for what I say.

RossK said...


I completely agree...My Grandma's go to recipe, made with BC Sugar, of course, because she had shares...Much better than those BRIC things she used to say when I was a (much, much) younger mannish boy.


Fair enough Eleanor - thanks.