Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter Thursday Lullaby Blogging...


There is an Easter dinner from when I was a kid, a very small part of which I can remember like it was yesterday.

Looking out the big dining room window above the backyard...

At the horizontal sun and billowing high-sky block ominous clouds with rainbow and green on the ground.

I don't know what it meant to me then.

But I sure do now.



For quite a few Easters now we have been heading down to our friend J's house on that weird little chunk of cheap gas and beer that is completely separated from the rest of the nearby continental United States.

Point Roberts.


Because every year J. has a real Easter egg hunt with real hardboiled eggs all decorated and numbered as befits a fellow science geek.

All manner of folks come to this thing from all over and last year Bigger E., my other friend G, who just happens to be J.'s brother, and I sang with one of the young kids, out in the garage to get out of the pouring rain under billowing sky.

We sing with G. a lot whenever we see him.

Awhile back we all sang for G.'s daughter at bedtime.

This was our song....

Alas, E. will not be here to sing this Easter Sunday, but she will be home soon.



lenin's ghost said...

sounds great.....have fun!

RossK said...

Thanks l.g., we will.

Have fun, I mean.