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The Six Million Dollar Deal...The Order Matters



Update: At the bottom of the post

In our breakdown of the David Loukidelis statement (that Geoff Plant pointed us towards) about how the deal went down (Mr. Loukidelis says plea and the legal fee waivers were done separately). Now, the assumption of course is that plea deal was first and then the waiver was second given the fact that Mr. Loukedelis stated:

...On October 5, 2010, it came to the attention of the Legal Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General, that the special prosecutor had proposed resolution of the prosecutions through guilty pleas.

Discussions then took place between the Legal Services Branch and defence counsel, including with respect to their clients’ liability to repay their legal costs. (The indemnities provided that they would have to do so unless acquitted on all counts.)...

But here's the thing.

It's not actually entirely clear, based on the Loukidelis statement, which became official as a formal 'agreement' first.

And reader Lew, thinks that the waiver was actually agreed upon first based on the following comment he left at the bottom of the post that I had missed until today (sorry Lew):

"The fee waiver was not granted subsequently. I have a letter from the Legal Services Branch advising me that it was done prior to the pleas.

I was questioning how anybody using delegated authority could sign a deal with a $6 million financial consideration, (or two for $3 m each), or forgive the mortgage attachment without going to Treasury Board. I was assured that since the indemnity agreements were amended prior to the pleas, there was no $6 million liability.

They never did answer the forgiving of the debt to the Crown (even if it went as they claim, nobody has delegated authority that high), and their response on the $6 million raised more questions than it answered."


You may or may not recall that the 'work-around' to stay away from Treasury Board was a big deal at the time.

And, if I recall correctly (and I will go back and check for certain), Rafe Mair made a huge deal about it which was later smoothed-over by a certain pundit's inside information that explained it all away in kinda/sorta still outraged, but much more dulcit, tones that helped it all evaporate....


Lew, if you have a moment please send me an Email - I sure would like to learn more about your letter.

pacificgazette at yahoo dot (the two letter extension) for caNADA.


Update Monday Morning: I've heard from Lew...Very informative and credible stuff....New post coming....Have to go back and read archives first though....Sheesh....Also must start using those tag thingies now that the internal Blogger search function has turned to 'go-to-the-google' mush....Arrrgghhh.


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