Monday, April 23, 2012

You Want A Little Conscience With Those Wild Dogwood Party Rights?


I have a confession to make.

For a while there I had great difficulty figuring out what the real endgame for the FedCons was in the provincial politics of British Columbia.

More specifically, I couldn't figure out why they have operatives working for both the right-sided BC Liberals and the farther-right BC Conservatives.

Then a sharp anonymous commenter gave me a good, stiff smack up the side of the head when they explained that the real FCon game is total political war at all times on all electoral battlefields, oil-soaked or otherwise.

And once one battle is won the FCon foot-soldiers push on, ever rightward, in an effort to incrementally yank the sleepy middle to a place where things like 'Conscience Rights' start to look reasonable or, at the very least, inevitable.

You want evidence that trying on thoughts such as these is something more useful than aimless tinfoil hatting in front of the funhouse mirror?

Well, look who is running the Lake O' Fire campaign of the photogenic bamboozler in Alberta.

...When the writ (in Alberta) dropped, the Wildrose campaign, led by ex-Harper adviser Tom Flanagan, grabbed the initiative, rolling out tight, succinct promises day after day: balanced budgets, health-care guarantees and direct cash rebates from oil and gas surpluses.
The party took an early lead in the opinion surveys but as the campaign wound down, slid back over concern with its social conservative policies.
The Christian right has always been a part of the recombinant DNA of the Wildrose — as it had been for the Tories — giving it oxygen but at the same time threatening to strangle any bid to build a big tent party...

So there you have it.


Which doesn't matter as long as the endgame is farther.

As in farther right.


Pooh-poohing the possibility of conscience rights ever coming to enlightened Lotusland? Think again...Because the thin, shiny edge of the shiv is already in.


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