Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's Goin On?


48 minutes into the thing somebody on CKNW's by-election report actually says something interesting and of substance.

And it came from Shane Woodford, NW's man-on-the-ground in C'Wack-Hope, who said that a BC LINO Cabinet Minister called him to ask what he thought was going on there.

Weird that, eh?

I mean, is it possible that....

...The party that is the 'Coalition of the Paying' is keeping its internal polling a secret from its own Cabinet members?

Mr. Woodford also noted that many, many voters that he talked to on exit stated that they were going Dipper....Hmmmmm....Polls close momentarily...Time to get rid of actual reporters like Woodford and bring in the blatherers...
Clearly NW is making no money covering this thing as they are still running the Adler-type 'Get rich buying US real-estate' shillophant ads....


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