Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Please Accept My Resignation... (Updated)



Update, Late Tuesday Night: At bottom of post.

I have asked the moderators to remove my feed from Progressive Bloggers.

Which was a long time coming.

I first removed their logo from the masthead back in the days when a Liberal Party of Canada operative smeared Olivia Chow on the basis of a vicious rumour. And while the operative was admonished by many of the folks at PB where, if I remember correctly, he was a member at the time, it did not stop him from returning later spouting, in my opinion, an even more outrageous baseless smear which I wrote about here.

My point?

I do not want to be perceived of as giving even tacit approval to posts that I strongly disagree with, even if it is only on the basis of my being part of the same 'club'.

This is something that is happening right now with regard to the works of a couple of other bloggers whose posts, like mine, are currently 'aggregated', no questions asked, over at Progressive Bloggers.

And therein lies the rub.

Because I am a member of Progressive Bloggers I cannot control my association with the works of others like I can here.

Put another way, everything that is posted or linked to on this blog is under my control.

Thus, I am prepared to defend any and everything here if need be (or not, if someone demonstrates that I, or someone I have linked to or quoted is incorrect, spouting demonstrable falsehoods, playing the part of the dupe, being politically expedient, or worse).


While I bear no ill will to the folks who run Progressive Bloggers, I have finally come to see that aggregators are not for me.


I am happy to be linked to by anyone (or any collective) that thinks about, responds to, and, when the need arises, takes umbrage with, the things that I write and the opinions I have.

Unfortunately, aggregators, even when they are run by moderators with the best of intentions, do not do any of that.

Therefore, while I will still check them out occasionally, Progressive Bloggers is a club I no longer wish to be a member of precisely because they will have me, and, more importantly, post my writings, no questions asked.


Well, in trying to stay true to what I said above I headed over to PB this evening to see what's up...I found this...Clearly, I was wrong, because PB is no longer a club I even wish to visit.



Grant G said...

How does that saying go..

"I would never join any club that would have the likes of me as a member"


Welcome to the Asylum.


Dave said...

And so it goes.

FWIW, if you have a twitter account, (or feel like establishing one), I discovered yesterday (living under a rock will slow one down) that it's easy to add an automatic feed to Twitter. And... (this is so cool) I, for example, can set up an automatic feed of your posts to my account.

If interested I'll give you more info once I've finished crew training today.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Dope City Free Press was booted off the aggregator you mention after about a month. They are a censorious lot.

lenin's ghost said...

well done, Ross....stay true to your values

Saskboy said...

Mr. Beer, I'm not familiar with that incident, if you send me more info I'll try to find out what happened, it may have been a technical glitch, not an actual booting.

RossK, yes if you're on Twitter please let me know, otherwise it's more likely I'll miss your writings.

Chris said...

Thanks for this, Dr. K. I was wondering what was up for debate next with these folks... Be it resolved: Wife beating is just a cultural phenomenon?

Dave said...

Late Tuesday: Yes, I noticed that one too. That ought to add a pungent aroma to the place.

RossK said...

It's purely a personal preference.

And as Dave says there are many, many ways to keep track/aggregate things yourself now...Essentially, that is what I consider my Blog Crawl to be...I will add more of my favourites from PB when I get a chance.

Saskboy - thanks for all you do/have done. I admire your work very much - and I also appreciate the way you aggregate folks that go into depth on various topics at your own blog. You are always extremely fair-minded, not to mention progressive.

I use Twitter, but essentially to keep abreast of people/stuff I'm interested in (i.e. I hardly ever link to my own posts)... Given the change I'll think about fixing that...

My location there is @RossK_


RossK said...


It's difficult for me, as someone who both pays attention and tries to stay reasonably level-headed, not to conclude that there just may be ulterior, political party-based motives at work there.


Dave said...


Ah! I thought it was just me thinking that. Now I actually feel better. I just had this niggling feeling and don't really know why.

ricky said...

I too have left. It has been something I have been uncomfortable with for awhile. Fern Hill and that WK blog made my decision easier.

RossK said...



Holly Stick said...

It seems that Kinsella will also alter comments he doesn't like:


RossK said...

Thanks Holly.

I now have screenshots of both the before and, presumably, the after.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I read the rules and regulations for Progressive Bloggers around about the time my site was listed there and put together something to see if anybody was paying attention. The photo (published July 14, 2006 - of which only the words remain), which got me the banning us old punk rockers cherish so, was of some chaps who appeared to enjoy having electricity passed through their nipples and maybe other places too. I believe they have all been elected to the Saskatchewan legislature by now. It was a long time ago. There may have been an exchange of e-mails. I really do not remember. The only thing I remember about 2006 was that the Canucks did not win the Stanley Cup. No hard feelings.

Damn. This internet is getting more and more like swapping b.s. over the fence with your neighbours.

RossK said...



The swapping, I mean.

(but not the electricity)