Thursday, January 10, 2013

AG Firing Fiasco (ctd)...Did Mr. de Jong Throw Mr. Foster Under The Bus?


Was stuck in the science geek bunker for most of the day, so it took me awhile to finally read Justine Hunter's latest on the Fiasco in The Globe from early this morning.

And the following, regarding BC Liberal Party backbench MLA Eric Foster's claim that the $78,000 he spent on his constituency office is a 'secret' really caught my eye:

...Finance Minister Mike de Jong offered his caucus colleague (Mr. Foster) little sympathy, saying the public should have access to details of how MLAs spend public money.

“I have long spoken for the need for more transparency and increased public accountability for the dollars that are spent by MLAs and cabinet ministers,” Mr. de Jong said. “It has taken longer than I would have liked to see reform occur, but it is happening now.”..


Setting aside, for the moment, the fact that Mr. de Jong and his boss and (current) benefactor have done their darndest to make sure that everything about the Six Million Dollar BC Rail Brib....errr....'Deal' remains a secret, I really have to wonder if a calculated decision was made to throw one backbencher to the wolves to keep the BC Liberal Paty Braintrust and/or The-Premier-In-Hiding out of the line of fire on this issue.

An added bonus feature in Ms. Hunter's piece
is the additional claim by the backbencher Mr. Foster that "learned of Mr. Doyle’s concerns about....(his constituency) office renovation this week"....Hmmmm....That doesn't seem to jibe with what Les Leyne said in his V-TC column earlier today with respect to Mr. Foster having supplied receipts to the legislature in response to Mr. Doyle's letter of concern dated Oct 05, 2012 (we wrote about that matter earlier)...



Anonymous said...

receipts could have been filed by Foster's CA

a look at the submitted spreadsheet might be 'interesting' or not

RossK said...


And yet, would it not have been likely that Mr. Foster would have been involved in the directing of his CA to provide said receipts to the legislature.

I very much agree that the spreadsheet might be interesting indeed.


Anonymous said...

paisley said...

A picture or a google maps link is worth a thousand words. I won't take credit for this was posted by one of Alex's commentors.,-119.27423&spn=0.000027,0.019205&sll=54.112352,-126.555646&sspn=19.108529,39.331055&hnear=3209+31+Ave,+Vernon,+British+Columbia+V1T+2H4&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=50.264586,-119.274407&panoid=5gqrcpUkoe89V5gWAvedMQ&cbp=12,17.09

RossK said...

Thanks paisley--

And I ALWAYS appreciate folks giving all credit where credit is due.



Feel free to make your pitch.


North Van's Grumps said...

@ Paisly

Thanks for that link from Alex.

Now I know why we've been having so many "hits" to our Blog from Vernon.

Eric Foster's Constituency Office is right across the street from the Public Library.

What better way to leave comments on blogs promoting the BC Liberal Party line, and attacking against those that are opponents to the BC Liberal Party. The office IP Addresses are shown as to whether it's from the government side or the Opposition side..... mustn't leave out the PAB aka GCPE....

EF: "I'll be right back SweetHeart.... got to take a walk on the Wild Side, to apply some pressure on the AG....