Friday, January 25, 2013

Can Scientists Buy A Ticket To The Friday Fun Island Too?


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how exciting it is for a science geek to get a grant that allows him or her to move forward with the next project, and how much of a relief it is that you won't have to lay anybody off who has really done all the work to make that moving forward possible. 

I also mentioned that, given how many of your colleagues don't get their grants these days because of the historically low success rates, you tend not to go crazy with the celebrations when you do win the lottery.

But getting peer-reviewed papers accepted and into the press is a whole different matter entirely.

Especially given that publishing really does matter for the folks who did the real work because papers are the currency that allows apprentice science-geeks to trade-up to their next big thing and/or position.


We had two papers come out online in the last week.

Thus,  you will have to excuse me for the duration while we shoot some corks down the hallway...

And, yes, amidst the swilling of the bubbly we do keep a record for both distance and style points!

Talk to you all later.

In the meantime, this might be the time for me to mention that I think I've convinced the geezers to rock out on the following (which will make E. happy, I reckon, because I keep trying to foist this arrangement on her)....



Kim said...

Congratulations to all of your people RossK. And thank you.

RossK said...

Thanks Kim!

The sample size is getting large enough now that I think it is possible to hypothesize that the cheap bubbly sends corks further down the hallway with more torque than the good stuff.

(although, because we spill half of it on the floor, I never buy really good stuff for these things, so there is that to consider)


Kim said...

Any scientist who would waste the good stuff on torque experiments probably doesn't deserve his/her grants!

Yanno, you could always link to my blog...

Just sayin'.

karen said...

Congratulations RossK!

RossK said...


Done! (and I apologize, I thought I had you over there on the BlogCrawl already)


Thanks Karen!