Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Doing Business The Ross And Rachel Way.


The (not)Premier, quoted by CBC Radio at her presser for the $11 million dollar 'Bogus Bollywood Boondoggle Vote-Buying Thingy' (TM) yesterday, attempting, we think, to defend (or was it to further offend?) the indefensible:

"As the saying goes, business doesn't happen between strangers, it happens between friends."

Well, so much for making business deals based on their actual, you know...



Interestingly, however....

The (not)Premier's comment does help explain why the Campbell/Clark Fools-Gold Diggereyed Era government has never met a fixed-from-the-beginning bid, taxpayer-leveraged P3, dipsy-doodle-dandied landuse swap, and/or massive deferred payment deal for friends, influential uncles and/or cronies alike (all paid for by you and me, not them) that it didn't like.

Or some such 'swaggerish' thing.


And one last thing while we're on the topic...

How many of those fine friends and uncles from the Fools-Gold Diggereyed Era that are currently backing that CC4BC smear machine previously went all in for that uber-crony friendly HST thingy that the actual 'citizens' of BC recognized for what it really was not long ago?



J MacDuff (Weatherguy) said...

On the CC topic;
Didn't they fire a school board for submitting a deficit budget, while the Lieberals had to amend their own legislation to submit a deficit budget!
CC also told Victoria that they would not get a penny over the first budget estimates for the legislated sewage treatment system, while going over budget on every Lower mainland project!
What a hypocrite.

RossK said...

All great, and important points that are not being brought up in proMedia JMcD (WG).

And, in addition, just what will the deficit actually be now, what with all this (non) belt-tightening that has been going down recently?

And even more to the point, what essential stuff will have to be cut to pay for all this silly/useless (non) belt-tightening?