Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Was The AG Terminated With Extreme BC Liberal Party Prejudice?


On Sunday, Ian Reid was the first to finger the LINO's on the 'Special Committee For Appointing An Auditor General' for voting unanimously NOT to renew John Doyle's contract:

...The committee overseeing the appointment of an Auditor General is made up of five members; three BC Liberal and two New Democrats. To reappoint the current Auditor the vote has to be unanimous.

Three Liberals voted not to reappoint Doyle, Two New Democrats voted to reappoint.

And the BC Liberals did not act on their own. I’m told that their caucus discussed the process and Doyle’s reappointment...


Ian has pointed me in the right direction on a lot of matters North False Creek over the last couple of years, and he has never let me down.

But he also flies his Dipper flag very, very high, so I didn't fuss too much about the post quoted from above because I assumed his sources were inside the NDP, and no one from the party has officially said what really happened, presumably because of the secret sauce smeared cone of silence that covers the committee's proceedings.

But now Les Leyne, in the 15 page views per month VT-C*, says his sources, whom I can only assume are different than Ian's, are telling him essentially the same thing.

Here is Mr. Leyne's lede:

"There’s no question some Liberal MLAs are at the heart of the mysterious decision not to reappoint auditor general John Doyle for another term.

But which ones? Is it the trio who sit on the actual committee that made the call? Or are they taking direction from above?

The fact that a such a small handful of backbenchers (a source said all three voted against Doyle’s second term) can bring such a big helping of suspicion down on the government is a tribute to the arcane process used to select the watchdog..."

And still the mandateless and disappeared (not)Premier who Frances Bula told us not long ago was a 'relentless war campaigner' refuses to come out of hiding tell us, straight-up, why she and hers fired the people's auditor.

Don't know about you, but...

I honestly never knew that codswallop could be both rancid and gutless at the same time.

*I'll comment on the '15 page views to pay wall' thing, later....Suffice it to say that I do not think it is a good thing.



Ian said...

Yes different, but as good.

RossK said...

Got it.

Next time, should I stick an orange flag in the potted plant on our front porch?


ricky said...

Doyle has been a pain to the Govt. If he is doing the job right, he is a pain.

He has been relentless in going after details of the BC Rail trial buyout. Plead guilty and the BC Govt will fork over $6 million toward legal fees.

Had he not gone to court to get these 'secret details' its likely he would have been reappointed as AG. Why, because he has done a good job and gained the trust of most.

Three backbench MLA's are not likely to act on their own on such a major decision affecting the government. Ben Chin, the Premier's right hand man wasn't born yesterday.

RossK said...


He is doing his job and he clearly is a pain.

Heckfire, he was even recently a really, really big pain for the chair of the actual committee that just fired him.

Which begs the question....

Given that, why was the chair of said committee allowed to be involved in the firing?