Monday, January 07, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Bonus Evening Edition.


In which the vacationing/in-hiding (not) Premier leaves it to the flack-hackery to try and make the matter of the termination of Auditor General John Doyle go away.

From the CP:

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark is backing a government committee's decision not to renew the six-year contract of Auditor General John Doyle.

Clark's communications director Ben Chin says the premier will not reconsider the decision by the Liberal-dominated committee to start looking for a replacement for Doyle.

Opposition New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix says Clark should step in and re-examine the decision to drop Doyle, whose investigations into government financial mismanagement and payments related to the BC Rail corruption trial have routinely embarrassed the Liberal government.

Clark is currently on vacation, but Chin says she will not embroil herself in the decision-making process of an independent legislative committee...

Meanwhile, on the Twittmachine, the junior flack-hackery (scrubs division) has decided that a termination/failure to re-hire is not a firing.

Or some such thing.


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