Monday, January 21, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...Why The Pushback Matters.


I am not a pollster.

And I am not a pol.

But even I was able to, I think, get to the bottom of the latest provincial political poll from Angus-Reid early this morning.

And clearly, the upshot of it all is that, even with the BC Conservative Party pretty much destroyed,  things still look to be very bleak for Ms. Clark et al., indeed.

And, it would seem to me, that anybody in the proMedia who is actually paying attention (and/or not a watercarrier) could not help but come to the same conclusion.


As one of our regular readers, 'Lew', pointed out in the comments to our earlier post that was most definitely not the case for at least one Lotuslandian proMedia outlet:

And right on cue CKNW headlines "Liberals make some gains in latest survey". Oh boy...

It's going to be interesting to see which why this one goes over the next 24 hours as the news cycle completes its turn.



Grant G said...

The worst writer in our MSM just rang your dinner bell Ross, his column is not only so poorly written, his logic is bunk.

He uses innuendo, he uses bad comparisons from another province, a province where the sitting Government wasn`t shrouded in scandal.

The writer? talks about the big momentum now, and the even bigger BC Liberal momentum to come.

The writer, in my opinion is either delusional or...

Or perhaps the writers goal is to have the BC Liberal Government and party itself to keep on lavishing ad dollars on his media friends..And considering the..

Joining at the hip between the Vancouver Sun and Province as a way to save scarce newspaper $dollars, his article might actually be an attempt to save his own job!

With that kind of poor writing and shallow thinking, whatever they pay him, is way too much..

I present to you..

Michael Smyth

RossK said...

Well, well, well....

I reckoned it might be Ron Obvious that would go this route.

But, come to think of it, it's not surprising that it has turned out to be Mr. Smyth.

Thanks Grant.

I think.