Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Two Posts That Demonstrate Why The Lotuslandian Bloggodome Matters.


The first post is from Laila Yuile who, writing on her blog today in the wake of her Battle of the Bands column in 24 Hours yesterday, actually looks, hard, at the specifics of 'audits' of First Nations on a whole lotta levels.

Which, ultimately leads her to conclude that this is not a black-and-white issue:

"...What is pertinent in this report is that (former Auditor General Sheila) Fraser places accountability also in the hands of First Nations, while clearly spelling out a decade of failings of this government.
I suggest you read the entire report.
It is an eye-opener if you are of the camp that believes First Nations created their own problems to solve. Or that Government is blameless..."


The second post that I highly recommend is from Norm Farrell who gets to the heart of the matter regarding the havoc that the crony capitalism of the Campbell Clark government has wrought.

Havoc like this:

"...I've heard reports from people doing business with the province who say they are required to kick-back part of what they are paid by taxpayers. I've also had reports from contractors forced into doing business with BC through indirect agencies, then asked to reduce charges so that managers of the BC Liberal friendly agencies can take a bigger piece of the action..."

The Bloggodome....

When it is humming like this it is all killer and no filler.

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Anonymous said...

Laila Yuile = Lots-O-links to original source material

Norm Farrell = third hand rumour from ??? = wouldn't pass muster on a middle school essay and shouldn't be lent credence here. Norm knows better and can be relied on to source his stuff, but this is just plain bad and does not represent his usual work

For you to use this post of Norm's to "Demonstrate Why The Lotuslandian Bloggodome Matters" does a not demonstrate why blogs matter.

RossK said...

We'll see.


off-the-radar said...

wow, anon@11:58 pm Jan 8, totally misses the whole point of Norm's posting. Methinks anon is purposefully trying to misdirect readers. But the choir of devoted readers is much more politically astute than that.

Yes, agree with you Ross on your post. Laila and Norm had great posts this week (and very good blogs). Also Grant has some interesting observations, Ian and Alex, Harv (when he's here) and yourself as always (whether it's BC political shenigans or music).

thanks for all you do.

Lew said...

I'll add my thanks, and an additional example of a post that matters.


RossK said...

Got it Lew...



RossK said...



Very much agree with you on all of those folks' work is very much worth reading.

And don't forget the mining of public databases by NVG that quite often reveals hard nuggets of pure gold.