Wednesday, January 09, 2013

This Day In Snookland....About Those Shipbuilding Contracts.


Yesterday we noted that, based on a CP wire story from Murray Brewster, it is possible that those FedCon shipbuilding contracts that the still-disappeared Christy Clark is likely counting on for a final frenzy of  jobs plan propaganda flinging in the run-up to this spring's election might be in a little trouble.


As an Anon-O-Mouse in the comments* noted, the Sixth Estate is all over this story, and figures that one of Kevin Page's last acts may be to get the ball rolling on some serious financial scrutiny of the 'program'.

Here's the lede from Ol' Sixth's latest (but I suggest you go read it all, including the links):

"A week ago, I predicted that this year’s military procurement scandal would be the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy: the plan to build 29 new ships for the navy and the Coast Guard, most of them advanced warships, at an official cost of $35 billion but a true total cost that will probably exceed $100 billion. At the time, my speculation was spurred by the news that the Auditor-General would be passing judgement on the file next fall.

But it seems that the ball may get rolling sooner than that. Apparently soon-to-be-unemployedParliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page will be releasing his findings on two of those new ships, the Joint Support Ships, fairly soon now..."


Is there someone, perhaps, in the (not) Premier's inner (and/or slightly outer) sanctum that might be able to give her and hers the inside scoop on this matter?

Stay tuned (and stay away from the gum)...

*I think it was the same Anon-O-Mouse who pointed us towards both of the links above, but I'm not entirely sure...Maybe you whiskered-ones could give yourselves defining features of some kind?...Even a number, like those guys in, say, the 'Man From Uncle', would be most helpful...OK?


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