Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another Disastrous Day In Snookland...Carefully Constructed 'Grandstand'...

....Destroyed By A Real Development.

This time it's the teachers and the schoolboards, making a mockery of the ridiculous thousand year REI Co-Op.....errrrr...10 Year Educational Anschluss, by getting together, consulting, finding a middle ground, and making an actual deal rather than just photo-opshopping for the cameras.

Here's the MoCo's lede:

The BC Teachers' Federation and its direct employer have approved a new bargaining framework for the next round of contract negotiations.

Union President Susan Lambert says the new deal with the B.C. Public School Employers' Association allows for earlier bargaining and a facilitator to help negotiations.

Lambert said she thinks teachers are glad for some upbeat news, “after so many years of frustration and disappointment.”

“This particular understanding has really, really heartened teachers that maybe there is some compromise that can be made,” Lambert told CBC News Saturday.

The BCTF voted in favour on Staurday morning while the BCSPEA board gave it the thumbs up later in the day...

Meanwhile, in the comment threads to a previous post, Grant G, an Anon-O-Mouse and I have been discussing what the sudden unveiling of the ridiculous Anschluss late last week by the Wizards of Snooklandia was really (sorry Ian) all about Alfie...

Blogger Grant G said...
And the hits keep coming for Christy Clark..

The BCTF and the employer just nullified Christy Clark`s election gambit, her attempt to create a US VERSUS THEM pre-election..

The Teachers union, BCTF and the employer hammered out a negotiating framework..

The reason why Clark and her Liberal GANG brought this 10 year deal BS out now, because the BCTF was already smoothing out a negotiating framework..

The new negotiating deal means....It means Christy Clark` dropped another dud bomb, her proposal is now..NULL and VOID..
11:56 AM, January 26, 2013
Blogger RossK said...



Do you reckon the Wizards of Snookland saw the denoument coming and tried to spike it with this ridiculous running of the 10 year stupidity up the flagpole as a deflector beacon...I mean imagine where this story would be going today without said beacon?
1:22 PM, January 26, 2013
Blogger Grant G said...
That`s exactly correct Ross..

BC Liberals wanted to wait until the legislature opened or even delayed their scheme until the writ was dropped.

Intel tells me that the Government got wind , got wind that the two sides were going to come to terms..They had to move fast, failed anyway..

Sheesh, that`s funny.."Government got wind"!

Now that`s an understatement!
1:53 PM, January 26, 2013
AnonymousAnonymous said...

Did you see on the liberal TV {global} weekend news they were talking about the how the BCTF and the employer hammered out a negotiating framework.
While showing all sorts of pictures of crustys PR conference when she was spouting off about her 10 year agreement, if you didnt know, you would think that she had something to do with it the way it was presented on GLOBAL?
Bloody sickening and I'm saying that mildly!
2:31 PM, January 26, 2013
Blogger RossK said...
Thanks Anon (for watching so the rest of us don't have to)--


It is true...The stupid deflector beacon atop the flagpole has been plastered all over an event of actual significance, and the fine folks at Global were only too happy to be the perpetrators of the plastering?


Also on that particular  thread....A good discussion with Merv Adey and Mr. Beer 'N Hockey about what might happen to the influence of local proMedia pundits when the subscription pay walls go back up for real...More on that topic later.



Anonymous said...

"The tentative deal was reached Dec. 6" --

'What we have here is a failure to communicate.'

Hands up everybody who thinks the BCPSEA kneecapped their BC Liberal political bosses?

Think about it: for more than 6 weeks the BCPSEA sat on their hands and did not tell anybody inside of government that they had a deal that all but signed, sealed and ratified. The education minister didn't know, the premier didn't know - NOBODY KNEW - and the CC walks out, lays stupid on the table and gets publicly shamed for her ignorance.

Which is fine because it kept the media away from the damning MCFD- Integrated Case Management System
Interim Assessment Report by Queenswood Consulting.

MCFD? $182 million boondoggle?
BCACL? Doug Walls?


RossK said...



A double-back deflector spin strategy based on the idea that a labeling of the (not)Premier as dopey was preferable to folks focusing on the big grift?

That really would be a diabolical development hatched by the Wizards.

But here's the thing...

Do you really think that nobody in the BCSPEA played the mole?

I ask because, like Grant, I really don't get the timing of the laying out of the stupid.

RossK said...

Looks like the BCSPEA had something up on their website Dec 20th...At least according to the VSun's JSteffenhagen (who says a mole leaked the details of the deal to her)...Weirdly (or not?) the link doesn't seem to work - will see if I can dig it out (the URL looks goofy to me)...But let's say it was up a month ago...You think the Wizard's didn't get a heads-up if it was?