Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Spirit Of Christmas Giving...In Mid-January.


Awhile back I saw Glen Hansard talking about how, after the film broke, he decided to get a few friends together together just before Christmas and go out on the streets of Dublin to sing and play to raise a little money for a very worthwhile local endeavour.

And part of what made it easy to do, as Hansard noted at the time, was the fact that musicians, like most everybody else, go home for Christmas.


The whole thing is now massive, and this past year Dublin musician and cinematographer extraordinaire Myles O'Reilly made a great little short about the thing.


Get ready to spend 15 minutes you'll never want to get back and go......



And (regardless whether you have 15 minutes to give and/or get) don't forget, now that Christmas is but a memory once again, that this is the time of year that worthwhile endeavours most often need our help most.



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