Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Is Mike Smyth Even Bothering To Pay Attention?


I'm working in the lab a lot these days (grants done; papers off), so there is a lot of hurry up and wait between bits of experiments...Which means I get to keep tabs...

So this morning I read through Mike Smyth's entire column while I waited for the trypsin to thaw.

Mr. Smyth's latest is about the Bollywood Awards Thingy that will cost us 11 million dollars we don't have.

The piece starts with a description of  how the entire idea just came to the (not)Premier in a flash one day last year while she was staying at the Royal York Hotel in New Cleveland.

And if you believe that Marky Mark has a constituency association located smack dab in the middle of the Bay of Bengal he'd love to sell you for a song (and/or a toga party).

At the back end, Mr. Smyth's piece finishes with some blather about how this whole thing might give the public the 'impression' that the (not)Premier has abandoned the local film industry while pumping up an offshore business because according to Ms. Clark such business is done like 'Ross and Rachel' (but never Monica because she's, like, you know, a Cougar or something now, right?).


Really Mr. Smyth?

Careful there, because if you pull those punches any faster you just may throw out your shoulder and/or topple over backwards and fallback through the looking glass you seem to be so fond of.

But all of that is nothing compared to what is NOT in Mr. Michael Smyth's piece.

Which is any mention whatsoever of the fact that this entire Bollywood Awards Thingy is completely fake.

As in bogus.

Or, put another way, made up from whole cloth.


Because the 'real' Bollywood Oscars told Mr. Clark and the rest of the Funky Bunch to take a hike.

Bob Mackin (who does pay attention) had that story ages ago (and/or last week, which ever comes first when you are being ruled by a press release government)



Don F. said...

I guess while staying at a luxury hotel hobbnobbing with the elite glitter of bollywood Ms. Clark had an epiphony moment she could be amongst them on stage right at home in BC place dancng and laughing. After all it's hard to think of those miserable school portables falling into disrepair or whether those little wretches in foster care will have a Christmas this year.
I'll dance for them she thought! I'll bring the glee squad from India to them.

RossK said...


Regarding those miserable portables at public schools...As we've pointed out before, Ms. Clark wants us to believe that the kids who are forced to sit in them all day are 'our' children.

Except, of course, in her case they are not.


Because her child does NOT go to public school.