Friday, January 18, 2013

The (Real) Irrelevant Show


I did it again....

Last night I got home late due to all the de-icing of the tube that took place on the tarmac of New Cleveland.

So I fell asleep listening to the skeletal remains of Jack Cullen's old radio show.

Which meant that I woke up to sounds of the no-longer-so-Giant98 on the clock-box.

And was relieved that it was McComb.

And was even kind of looking forward to what he might coax out of the Dean, especially with all this news 'speculation' swirling that Mr. Foster and friends might extend AG John Doyle's contract later today.


What did Mr. McComb and Mr. Palmer talk about?

Why, Lance Armstrong, of course.

And even there they missed the point when they focussed on the long irrelevant lie instead of the serial, repeated smears and the destruction of  public reputations that the proMedia refused to take seriously for years and years and years.



Hang on a second....


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