Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)....Where's Pammy?


In our last edition of 'Where's Pammy?', our (not)Premier's no-search hired 'Director Of Outreach',  Ms. Pamela Martin, was MC'ing a special event designed, allegedly, to make Ms. Clark more appealing to working moms.

Which, may or may not have been 'official' (eg. taxpayer-funded) business.

But today Ms. Martin is hard at work re-tweeting the latest bogus initiative (with real math!) from the mind of the Wizards behind our BogusBollywoodLuvin' (not)Premier.

Nice work for the thumbs if you can get, I guess.


And fifteen lousy retweets, most of them from directly-connected shillophants, after the (not)Premier's Twitt has been up all day in the wake of a major anti-ColemanCountry deflector spin initiative...Seriously?
I'll have more to say about Pat Bell's latest 'metric' about the 'success' of the mega-million dollar 'Jobs Plan' ads....later.



North Van's Grumps said...

How can there be any guarantee that the money will be ten years, let alone two, at the rate the BC Liberals are spending on advertising using taxpayers money and Bollywooding a foreign country's responsibility?

Grant G said...

Where`s Mike De Jong?

Ian said...

That's about $100 bucks a letter. Nice work if you can fawn your way into it.

Anonymous said...

Pammy is Director of "Out of Reach".

RossK said...

Hasn't there been a fawn sighting or two amongst the Relics just outside Molly's Reach?

And, what's more, has anyone else heard those not quite whispered rumours of Marky Mark down on knees raking fingers through the ferns looking for that coveted talisman...

Bruno Gerussi's lost Medallion!

(scene played by new and improved faux Bollywood actors, of course)