Sunday, January 20, 2013

This Day In Snookland...We Don't Need No Stinking Nominations!


The latest BC Liberal Party 'appointment' is in Richmond Centre.

Eve Edmonds of the Richmond News has the story. Here's her lede (although the rest of the story has a lot of good context, etc.):

Gary Law is disappointed and “extremely frustrated” at how he’s been treated by the BC Liberal Party and is planning to cancel his membership to the organization. However, he’s not planning to bow out of the upcoming provincial election.

Law had put his name forward last month as a candidate seeking the Liberal nomination for Richmond Centre. However, the BC Liberal office phoned him Monday and informed him that someone else had been appointed.

“I got the call 20 minutes before they made the public announcement,” said Law at a press conference Friday.

Law learned that Teresa Wat was appointed as the Liberal candidate for the riding through the media following the announcement...


Folks with inside baseball-type knowledge may wish to tell you that Mr. Law is not the best candidate for that riding.

But, given that the BC Liberal Party is supposed to be a big tent, why don't the wizards behind the curtain let 'their' members in RCentre decide that?




I can hear you all out there...

Stop laughing so hard.

You might hurt yourselves.



Anonymous said...

"why don't the wizards behind the curtain let 'their' members in RCentre decide that?"

Because they don't give a puckered pink rat's ass what the great unwashed may want. Their only selfish concern is to get themselves re-elected so they can wallow in the trough of taxpayer largess for another 4 years. Only good thing is that they have pissed off and on another person who misguidedly thought there was a shred of loyalty to him.

RossK said...


By golly, I think you've got it.


Grant G said...

John Slater in his rather terse slap of the BC Liberal party...He uttered a couple of interesting things..

And I quote..

"The grand Poohbahs in Victoria and the Children in the premier`s office overrule MLA`s"

Saturday January 19/2013..between 4:12 pm and 4:13 pm on the Sean Leslie show, he repeated John Slater`s quote to John Les..

Ya know Ross, some enterprising political party or third party political advertiser might just want to use those quotes from John Slater in a campaign ad..

We have a good idea who the Grand Poohbahs are and we definitely know what child in the premier`s office John Slater is referring to..

With a Cluck Cluck here and a Cluck Cluck there..