Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stenography Rising...CP's Coverage Of The Healthcare Workers' Agreement



A whole bunch of big, bad unionized public sector workers have been removed from the silver platter marked 'wedge issues'.

Which, politics of destruction aside, might actually be a good thing for everybody in British Columbia.

Except that...

If you just read the Canadian Press report in The Globe on today's tentative agreement with Healthcare workers you would likely conclude that it is the BC Liberal Government, and the government alone, that is the big winner.


Because the CP report in question looks to be a straight-up steno-ing of a government press release.

And Rod Mickelburgh, via the Tweetmobile, has called them on it:

Don't know about you, but...

I sure do wish more proMedia folks in Lotusland would go against the local club rules and let us know whenever they see this kind of thing happening.




Anonymous said...

here's the press release for comparison

RossK said...

Thanks Anon!

Will link it into the post.

(couldn't find it earlier...did it take them awhile to get it up?)


RossK said...

Oh geez.

Just realized what I wrote above....Have I become a walking Shock-Jock Zombie?

(working in the lab this evening doing stick and spread assays which means checking things every few minutes so I have a pretty short attention span as well)