Sunday, January 20, 2013

South Surrey Casino Decision Causes Meltdown In Coleman Country.


Sam Cooper, in a good bit of think ahead reporting, has the story in The Province.

Here's just a chunk:

B.C. Lottery Corp. has lost confidence in Surrey politicians and will not “waste time and money” coming to the city with new gaming proposals, says Rich Coleman, the provincial cabinet minister in charge of gaming.

Surrey council voted down a controversial $100-million mega-casino plan Saturday...

{snippety doo-dah}

...In early 2010, (Surrey mayor Dianne) Watts and two councillors voted against a “prezoning” for casinos on the site. After a public hearing though, Watts and other councillors voted for the proposal to advance, without giving final approval.

Coleman said Saturday he was disappointed with council’s vote and the whole political process involved...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

...“We met the conditions they asked us to, and the councillors still decided they didn’t want it,” he said.

Coleman said the government will not propose the gambling complex for another site in Surrey, and there are other municipalities that will likely be approached.

“We won’t have any confidence [in council’s decision-making], so we won’t waste time and money,” Coleman said...

Laila follows up with context, and hammer blows, here:

...So, what is the big problem here Rich? Why the outrage ? Did the city of Surrey rain on your parade?

Get an umbrella.

It’s a sad day when a government minister insults municipal politicians because they listened to the people who voted them into office in the first place.

They call it democracy Rich. Something your government has demonstrated, time and time again, to know little about...


Maybe Mr. Coleman should have forced the mayor to sign a letter or something before the vote?

I sure as heckfire hope that this thing went down the way it looks from the outside (i.e. a suburban mayor whose big stage political star is still rising listens to constituents in the end)....But it's pretty hard to ignore the fact that this came to light not long before the 'final' vote...
And I wonder.... Can we expect a 'gambling is good!' (because of the tax revenue it generates) type fluffer from the CTF's man in B.C. by, say, Tuesday?


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Anonymous said...

When I read this I really think that we are becoming a despotic country. A minister calling down a local decision because it doesn't benefit liberal friends. Sad, then a letter from BC hydro saying that they don't recognize your property rights. If I don't want corix to enter my house it should be my choice . I gave my key to Hydro not corix. Trudeau and cutting property rights, this must be corrected.