Friday, January 18, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...The AG Committee Strikes Back!


Well, well, well....

Christy Clark's latest 'wish' is not the 'Legislative Committee to Appoint An Auditor General's' command.

Cassidy Olivier, of The Province (who is banging a lot of proMedia gongs on the provincial politics beat these days), has the story (but only kinda/sorta due to all the secrecy surrounding said committee) of how no consensus was reached by the committee today to change their previous 'firing' decision. 

But here's the thing...

This time it may not be the BC Lib/Con's on the committee that is still being run, in my opinion, by a totally conflicted BC Lib/Con chairperson, who are not granting the (not)Premier's deflector-spin laden wish to give current AG John Doyle a two year contract extension.

Instead, given that Dipper and (by all accounts, totally and completely) unconflicted committee co-chair Kathy Corrigan has indicated she would rather see John Doyle appointed for a full six year second term rather than a Snookified two year running out of the pre-election clock, well....

Maybe, just maybe the NDP is doing its best to call the Ms. Clark's ridiculous bluff under what has now become, no matter how hard the wizards behind the Lib/Con curtain have tried to keep the klieg lights turned off, the full glare of the Lotuslandian media spotlight.

If so, I say good on them.

After all, it is not easy to do your job as the legislative opposition when the (not)Premier and friends refuse to actually open it.

The legislature I mean.


Meanwhile, in non-Snookland (eg. the real world, where words, deeds and actions have real consequences).....The supposedly lame duck AG, Mr. Doyle, just keeps on keeping on by announcing that he will, indeed, look into the fiasco that was, and still is, the ridiculous cost overruns of for the BC Place 'renovations'...Bob Mackin, another proMedia gong banger, has that story in BIV...



Grant G said...

Mr. k...

Cathy Corrigan stated yesterday..(paraphrasing here)

First off, the legislation to give John Doyle a 2 year extension doesn`t exist(yet)..

And..Corrigan also stated that this may affect, or have implications with other appointments, like Mary Ellen Tru Lafond..

The privacy watchdog..Conflict commissioner, and..

And you are missing another possibility..

Blair Leckstrom, and John Les are not running again, they have nothing to lose personally by under-cutting the not Premier`s authority and request..

And, If I`m not mistaken, if you have underlings directly defying the wish of their fearless leader..

Well, that indeed does send a message..

as for legislation, as for reappointment, which came first, the chicken or the egg..

It might not be possible for the committee to legally reappoint for a 2 year extension..And..

The not premier may know that..

How do you confuse an Irishman?

Lean 2 shovels in the corner and tell the Irishman to take his pick!


RossK said...

Thanks for the added info Grant--

The snows of New Cleveland seem to have piled up in my brain a little.


Anonymous said...

I understand the language in the legislation is "reappoint for up to 6 years"..I'm not legally qualified to interpret even this, but perhaps the 2 year proposal is legal. Half a loaf? yes. Insulting? probably..but legal- Merv

RossK said...

Thanks Merv--

As Bob Simpson indicated in his open letter, it looks like there is a lot of room for interpretation here.